Before Coventry - The Abenakis
Coventry History

Before there was a town of Coventry, there was a vast land of forests, rivers and lakes which was the homeland of the Abenaki people. The Abenaki trace their heritage in this area back for many thousands of years.The surrounding area including Charleston, Barton and especially Lake Memphremagog has a well documented history of Abenaki travel, usage, and settlement.
Abenaki Map
From Holland's 1768 Map (1)
The lake was a major transportation link for Native American travelers between the western St. Lawrence river and Champlain valley water systems and the Connecticut river valley in the east. It facilitated trade and cultural contacts between the various tribes as well as with the European settlers. There is historical documentation of white settlers travelling the Black River through Coventry to trade with the Abenekis at Lake Memphremagog.(2)
Abenaki couple. 18th-century watercolor by an unknown artist (3)

The Black River was known to the natives, who formerly inhabited this part of the country by the name of Elligo-Sigo

Zadock Thompson, A Gazetteer of the State of Vermont

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