The VIP Tent

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- Karen finally weighs in on the VIP's -

The story in a nutshell is that some actual vip's
may have been sighted but none were recognised.
Sorry, I'm really not the one who should have had
this responsibility. I didn't even recognize my all
time favorite Jackson Browne when he nearly ran me
over in NYC a few years ago until it was much too
late to respond in any intelligent (or affectionate)
way. A very reliable coworker is pretty sure she saw
Danny Devito's bodyguards but not him, probably
because the guards were about 7 feet tall and standing
in a circle. She assumes that Mr. Devito was in the
middle of that circle. I don't know if that counts.
I also saw several of the Maxwells, the hosts of the
event, and that should count. The two that I spoke
with were having a great time and couldn't believe
how great all you phish people were. I agree.

Danny DeVito Confirmation from Ryan Getz in Sioux City, Iowa