Reports from behind the lines in the Coventry 'Green-Zone'

Day 1 - Wednesday
Day 2 - Thursday AM

Greetings from behind the lines.


Something is definitely amiss. Traffic has been at a dead halt
for over 3 hours now. Rumor has it that a police car hit another
car up on the corner of Airport Rd. and Rt. 5 and there was a gasoline spill.

The hill into Coventry Village - Thursday Noon

So, what happens is we get to make more acquaintances with more Phishheads

Rosa gets a lesson in automatic bubble weaponry.

The bridge over the Black River - Thursday Noon

Downtown Coventry - Thursday Noon

Downtown Coventry - Thursday Noon

And now it's starting to rain. A few brief downpours and then
steady rain all afternoon.A new rumor that the traffic is stalled
because cars are getting stuck in the mud up at the concert site.

By 5 PM the rain has not let up. And the traffic is still at a
dead standstill. The line of cars has not moved an inch since 12:30.
That same poor blue Chevy pickup is still on the bridge.

The view from our upstairs bathroom window

Tents are sprouting up on the highway as people begin to
realize that they are in for a long wait. Impromptu barbeques
are blossoming on the rain slicked pavement.

Bottles of imported and local Vermont beers are accumulating
on car roofs and along the yellow lines of RT 5. Naturally,
Phishheads need to relieve themselves just like real Vermonters
do when the going gets tough.

As the cars remain locked on the bridge we are beginning to think
that something is wrong. It seems obvious to us that they are not
letting anyone into the campsite at all. Could the rain have created
such havoc so soon up in the pastures where they are parking all the cars?
Some quick calculations tell us that at 20 feet per vehicle there are about
1584 vehicles between our driveway and the airport. At 4 Phishheads per car
that's 6336 people who are going to need a place to sleep in about 4 hours.
We start to make a plan to venture out amongst the masses and see how we
might be able to help them out if things get really ugly.

And what better way to soothe the savage beast than to bake
some cookies for them.

Karen and Rosa whipping up the choclate chip cookies

And the masses approve.

People were genuinely appreciative of the cookies.
Some seemed stunned that they were actually for free.
Along with the cookies we offered to let people start
camping out in our fields if it started to get dark and
there was still no movement on the road.


Our Phishhead encounters so far lead me to believe
that there are 3 basic Phishhead types who have made
the trek to Coventry:

1. Crunchy Granola

2. Dreamy Lefty

3. and Party Hearty

There may be others, but we'll most likely encounter
them as the days wear on.

Possible sighting of
Type 4 Phishhead
on Sunday

Unlike our newly found Phishhead acquaintences who are stuck
in the biggest traffic jam this town could ever dream of, our
friends and neighbors are busy bustling around taking in the
exotic sites.

Karen's fellow mental health colleagues Erin and Sylvie

Coventry Village School Board Vice-chair Frank Carbonneau accepting a cookie

Diana filling us in on happenings down the road

Suddenly around 6:15 there is a flurry of activity along RT 5.
Tarps and tents started coming down and there was a line of red tail
lights moving north on the highway. The jam was finally broken and
cars were on the move after sitting absolutely still for over 6 straight hours.

More rumor mongering has it (via Jim Spooner via road commissioner
Gallup) that the whole mess started when a 40 foot Winnebago tipped
over on it's side in the mud up at the airport. It took the whole 6
hours to get it out of the mud.

Friday AM