Reports from behind the lines in the Coventry 'Green-Zone'

Day 1 - Wednesday
Day 2 - Thursday
Day 3 - Friday
Day 4 - Saturday
Day 5 - Sunday

Greetings from behind the lines.


It was obvious from the reactions we were getting
from roadside Phishheads that they were not expecting
free shuttle service from local pickup trucks. To help
ease their worries about how much they were going to
get soaked for a car ride, Emma and Rosa whipped up
some mobile signage for the truck to let Phishheads
know they weren't going to be forced to shell out anymore
cash to get back home.

Emma came with us as we set out a second time. It was
pouring rain now and we didn't see anyone who could use
our help. Down at the Orleans Mini-Mart near the infamous
Exit 26 ramp a group was waiting for a through ride to
Burlington, and they passed the time by playing drums
on top of the ice machine.

Later in the afternoon we took one last ride out to see
where we could help. This group was trying to get north into
Newport from Ground Zero at Airport Rd. We dropped 2 of them
off at their campsite on Coventry St. and the last dude,
on the right proudly showing off his "Bush Out In 2004" button
fulfilled our wishes from Friday by spending some money
at RJ's Friendly Market where we dropped him off.

The mystery Park and Walk dudes finally showed up displaying
incredibly wet, wrinkled feet but very happy to have had a
great time. They said they showed up Sunday morning at 3 AM,
saw the lighted peace sign and assumed it would be a cool place
to park. They hitched a ride up to the airport and walked into
the campground through the front gate without tickets.

And just when we thought all the fun and games
for the day was over for us, we peer down the driveway
to see a van parked askew across it. We go down and
talk to Oliver and his friend from Florence, Alabama.
Their Budget Rental van out of Burlington threw a
tie rod on the front left side and they wobbled
their way to Wheelock Rd. The taxi they called

pulled up and the driver, who also happened to
be originally from Alabama gave them a deal on
the fare. They shoved the van over to the side
of the driveway, and later Oliver came up to the
house and gave us a thank you gift.
No, thank you Oliver.

So I think this is about the end of it all.
At 11:19PM, RT. 5 is empty and silent. The
lights from the campground still light up the
horizon silohuetting the treeline to the northeast.
But it is very quiet again here in the Town of
Coventry, Vermont.