Reports from behind the lines in the Coventry 'Green-Zone'

Day 1 - Wednesday
Day 2 - Thursday
Day 3 - Friday
Day 4 - Saturday
Day 5 - Sunday

Greetings from behind the lines.


Looks like it's time for everyone to go home. I could
hear the constant swish of tires heading south on RT 5
last night as I lay in bed.

It seems to me that by yesterday hundreds if not thousands of
Phishheads had abandoned their vehicles all over Orleans
County and walked to the show. Today we will see about
pressing the pickup into service to offer free shuttle
service to anyone needing a ride to their vehicle.

Rosa and me started looking for stranded Phishheads after
breakfast this morning. I loaded her up with Tootsie Pops
and Cherrios to keep her happy and we headed out.
I guess the Green Zone has been scaled back to the
airport proper as all the barricades are down at
Coventry Station Rd. We went up there and headed
south on Airport Rd. which was also now open.

We found these 2 dudes from Long Island trying to get
back to their car parked at Nancy's Video in Irasburg.
We dropped them off and headed back to Coventry.

We took RT. 5 all the way up to the madness that is at the
junction with Airport Rd. We turned around up there before
we got caught up in the heavy traffic and headed back down
RT 5 to try and help out the Phishheads we saw headed south.

We filled the truck with 3 groups, including
another Bushhead. I took a 5 dollar donation from him.
The rest rode free as we headed down to Julie's Free
Parking to drop off the first guy.

Next it was up 14 to drop off the Bushhead and friends.


Another Bushhead

Then the guy from Florida/New Jersey who was way down
on RT 58. He was so appreciative, and thankful to us
for getting him to his car.

We made one more roundtrip for the morning. Back up
at Airport Rd. we found Nathan from Montgomery Center,
VT looking to get home. He was hesitant at first until
we told him it was free, then he gladly hauled all his
gear in the back. We dropped him off in Downtown Coventry
next to the Porta-Johns (which seemed to be pretty important
to him at the time)

While we were in town we decided to pick up the
mail and then cross the street to see how Coventry
Town Clerk Cynthia Diaz was doing. She was on the
phone again. Dealing with another crisis or irate
Coventry tax payer no doubt. But she was actually
smiling, and let us take her picture this time.
Thank you Cynthia.

Monday PM