Reports from behind the lines in the Coventry 'Green-Zone'

Day 1 - Wednesday
Day 2 - Thursday

Greetings from behind the lines.


The rain continues to fall off and on. Sometimes a light
drizzle, sometimes a torential downpour. Coventry has
officially been given a flood watch through tonight by the
National Weather Service. Meanwhile the long line of cars
continues to move slowly up RT. 5. Still no word from Karen
up at the VIP tent on site.

There's a break in the rain as we finish up lunch and
start to get the Lemonade Stand together. Emma and Olivia
are planning on selling loads of cups at 1 buck a piece.
A veritable bargain price this close to the venue.
Last night Olivia's dad Jim, broke the barricade and
made an emergency delivery of ice

Emma and Olivia (with a lot of help from Rosa)
fill the bucket

Loading the truck with supplies

Waiting patiently for the first sale

The first customer

Emma takes care of business on the phone.

Friends Meg and Ned join the fray all the way from Glover

A Gallery of this afternoons Phishheads

2 Young dudes trying to make cellphone contact from the upper 40

So as the afternoon drags on and the rain continues to
pour down the question becomes, Where's Karen?
Suddenly there is a flurry of activity in the southbound lane
as Dr. Karen Hack Psy D. comes barreling into the driveway

As she jumps out of the car sporting her official Phish
Concert all access yellow wristband, it is obvious that conditions
at the venue are getting pretty messy. She says it's a muddy
mess up there as she proudly displays her official NEKHS ID Badge.

Meanwhile, despite the apparent chaos, traffic keeps moving...

Our roadside signage continues to be a major attraction...

There's veggie quesadillas grilling on the back bumper...

And the milk is still getting through!

Yay McDermott's!!!

Friday Night