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- Karen and Ginette and Becca's Story-

My friend Ginette was coming up the driveway. I was very curious
because it isn't like her to visit unannounced. I was also happy that
she was just popping in like this. She and a young woman got out of
the car. Ginette introduced the young woman as Becca who is a little
lost. She had seen Becca walking up the interstate ramp looking a bit
confused (Becca, not Ginette). Ginette stopped and after talking to
Becca for a few moments decided that she needed some direction.
Actually Ginette decided that they both needed some direction so she
convinced Becca that she was safe and drove over to my house, thinking,
I guess, that I might have some idea of what to do. Hmm, me?? Becca
was thinking that she was at the festival and was looking for her car.
She had been walking all night, was barefoot, and very tired, and
obviously confused. She was about 7 miles away from the festival. By
the time they arrived at my house, Becca was making some sense,
actually more than some. She was delightful and sweet and interesting.
So what was I going to do?? Well, what any mother would - I offered
her some food which she politely refused the million times I offered,
but did take the shoes and socks. She was determined to find her car,
actually her mother's car..., and friends and go home. Ginette and I
decided to take her up to her campground to find friends and car. We
were in traffic for about 1 hours (on a regular day it's a 10 minute
drive), realizing too late that we should have come the other way and
then we would have gotten through in a few minutes. Next time we will
know. Becca chatted and then suddenly was asleep, very asleep. So now
what to do? In the end we found the festival health center, thanks to
a helpful phish worker. The health center people were wonderful.
Ginette and I left Becca with them feeling like she was in very good
hands and the next time there are 65,000 people visiting Coventry we
may have some idea of what to do with one lost one. We also decided
that really we were lucky to have met Becca, an intelligent,
thoughtful, sweet, young woman. I thought that that would be the end
of the story of Becca, however we received an e-mail from her through
this website - she is alive and well! Amazing to me, this phish thing.