1801 - The Sawmill
Coventry History

The first sawmill in Coventry was built by Samuel Smith of Brownington in 1801. He located it on Day Brook very close to the eastern border of town and it was a great convenience to the early Coventry settlers. Previously they had to travel down to the only mill in Barton to obtain planks and boards for their flooring.

Map of Smith's Sawmill
Approximate site of the first sawmill on Day Brook

In the summer of 1803 Jabez Fitch the proprietor of Coventry built an improved sawmill on the west side of town at the upper falls of the Black River.

By 1822 these two mills were quite dilapidated. That year the Harmon brothers, Calvin and Daniel built a new sawmill at the lower falls on the Black River.

- Pliny White, A History of Coventry, Vermont, 1858, Irasburgh, Vt.