1827 - The Grist Mill
Coventry History

The FIRST GRISTMILL of any kind in Coventry was built by David Kendall on Day Brook just west of Pine Hill Rd. sometime after 1801. It was a small "pudding-mill" and served the needs of the early settlers. Although there are some discrepancies in the historical record, Pliny White maintained that the first true gristmill was built by Elijah Cleveland in 1827 at the lower falls in the village. *

The rebuilt 2nd grist mill in the late 1800's (1)

Grinding commenced in January 1828. Loring Frost was the miller for some months, and was succeeded by Emore Dailey who eventually purchased the mill from Cleveland on December 20th, 1835, In the fall of 1854 Dailey built a new mill to take the place of it on the same site. He continued the business till his death, Aug. 9, 1868, and was succeeded by his son, Charles R. Dailey (2)

* According to Surveyor-General James Whitelaw's 1810 edition of his State Map of Vermont there was already at the upper falls in Coventry a gristmill and sawmill. In 1794 Ira Allen made public his plans to build a gristmill at the upper falls but there is no other evidence that he went ahead with his plan. Pliny White mentions the sawmill at the upper falls built by Jabez Fitch around 1803 but is silent about any accompanying gristmill. At the lower falls, court records show that the Harmon brothers built a gristmill there sometime in the 1820's and that it was then purchased by Elijah Cleveland on August 26, 1827. (3)

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