Jabez G. Fitch
Coventry History

Fitch Appointment Letter
Request to President Washington for Fitch's appointment
To the President of the United States
          Mr. Morris has communicated
to me his intentions of immediately re-
signing the office of Marshall of this
district. Should that be the case, I
beg leave to suggest, that it would
be very convenient for the Marshall
to reside near Lake Champlain, as the
principle business of the district court origi
nates there. I take the liberty to recom-
mend Jabez G. Fitch as a suitable per-
son to suceed Mr. Morris. He resides
at Vergennes. has some time ser-
ved as deputy Marshall. should his
appointment meet your approbation, I
flatter myself he will discharge the duties
of the Office with fidelity. I have the
honor to be, with the highest sentiments
of esteem, your Excelencys obed. Sev.
                                     Saml Hitchcock
Manchester May 16, 1794

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- Office-Seeking During Washington's Administration, Gaillard Hunt, American Historical Review, Vol.1, No.2, Jan.,1896