1806 - 'Setting Off' The Public Lands
Coventry History

To the Honourable General Assembly of
the State of Vermont to be convened at
Middlebury on the second thursday of
October next

The Petition of the inhabitants of the
Town of Coventry most humbly sheweth
that your petitioners purchased lands of
Jabez G. Fitch of Vergennes in the Town-
ship of Coventry by lot as surveyed and
numbered on the plan of said Town and have not
any legal right to the proprietorship thereof
there not being any draft made by the propri-
etors of the lands in sd Township and the propri-
etorship being souly in sd Fitch your
petitioners cannot by any Laws now in force
compel the said Fitch to come to a draft of
said lands and your petitioners further state
that the sd Fitch has from time to time ben
requested to come to a draft of sd lands and he has
refused and still refuses to comply with said request
whereby your petitioners are unjustly deprived
of the use of the public lands in the sd town and there
                                              being a tax granted
by the Legislature at their last session on sd
Township renders it very dificult for each
Individual to pay their just proportion of said tax
on their respective lots or bid it off or redeem
it if sold, for the lands if sold must be sold by each
original proprietors right or share
your petitioners therefore pray your
Honourable body to take their case into
your wise consideration and pass an act
authorizing the Collection of the aforesaid tax
to sell the lands if necessary in said Township
by Lot as surveyed and numbered on the plan
of said Town and also to appoint a committee of
three juditious and disinterested persons to lay
out or set off all the public lands in the township
of Coventry in the county of Orleans
agreeable to the charter of sd Town, or some
other way as you in your wisdom shall think
proper and your petitioners as in duty bound
shall ever pray Coventry September 2nd 1806

Amherst Stewart
Samuel Cobb
Solomon Pierce
Samuel Thompson
Peleg Redfield
William Esty
Simon B Huestis
John Mitchell
Jotham Pierce
John Ide Junr
Benjm Walker
William Shipman
Samuel Wilder
John Farnsworth
Samuel Boynton
Joseph Marsh
Perez Gardiner

Petition of Coventry settlers to the Vermont General Assembly, Sep, 1806 (1)

1. Vermont State Papers Record Series SE-118 Vol 46 p3 Vermont State Archives, Montpelier, Vt.